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Another New Year’s Resolution To Update My Blog?

So we have entered another new year – hello 2017 – and I suppose this is the part where I start to commit to a new year’s resolution, one of which I often promise to do every year is to¬†update my blog regularly. Sure. But then again, I have also made all sorts of promise many years before, such as exercising, eat healthy, maintain my insanity and be more ‘public friendly.’ So what will be so different about 2017? Continue reading “Another New Year’s Resolution To Update My Blog?”


HSD Gaming: Insurgency Session 05

HSD Gaming: Insurgency Session 04 – Getting Clumsy

HSD Gaming: Insurgency Session 03 – It’s One Of Those Days

My True Story About “True Story”: Somewhat A Review

True story, bro. I feel asleep several times during watching Rupert Goold’s “True Story.” I really wanted to be good, hopefully close enough to 2005’s “Capote” – one of the best adaptation of the book “In Cold Blood.” Unfortunately there wasn’t much suspense, and to be honest, James Franco is just way overrated. Continue reading “My True Story About “True Story”: Somewhat A Review”

HSD Gaming – Dirty Bomb Gameplay

HSD Gaming: Insurgency Session #2 – Outpost Mode

Continue reading “HSD Gaming: Insurgency Session #2 – Outpost Mode”

HSD Gaming: Insurgency – Quite The Realistic Shooter

Continue reading “HSD Gaming: Insurgency – Quite The Realistic Shooter”

Black Josh, Straight Outta’ Manchester

At a quick glance, I thought Black Josh supposedly is a MC from the East Coast, but knowing that he’s from Manchester, England intrigued me even more. Won’t say much but check out his videos below for your own judgement.

Continue reading “Black Josh, Straight Outta’ Manchester”

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