One of my my personal favorite asshole-but-yet-respectable vocalist from the metal scene, Phillip Anselmo of Pantera and Down, just released his first solo album. Under the moniker “Phil Anselmo & The Illegals”, the new album titled Walk Through Exits Only is solid. Although not entirely original in sound as it  resembles some shades of his past work, but at least Phil appears to have the decency to move forward.

Takes some time to listen to entire album that is now currently streaming for free (check below) and you will see that the album is not exactly shaped within a concrete concept. However, that’s the beauty of it and the most refreshing aspect I find that keeps me hooked to listen repetitively more. In my own perspective, there are some art masterpieces that are well structured, but there are some art masterpiece that is just emotionally driven with full disregard of anatomy. This is one good example of the latter. Although I can not fully consider this album as a hailed masterpiece, but it is guaranteed some great tracks such as “Battalion of Zero”, “Bedridden” and “Bedroom Destroyer” will pumping my next few weeks with raging adrenaline.