The first time I heard of Code Orange – formerly known as Code Orange Kids – and listened to their 2012 debut album “Love is Love//Return To Dust”, I thought “Am I too old for this?”

Fortunately, I did not ripen into those adults that felt the need to outgrow the hardcore scene. The riotous growls,  rampage distortions and the inciting seditions still makes perfect sense to my ears. Moreover, the album somewhat restored my faith in the genre specifically or music itself generally, placing the band and their record label Deathwish Inc in my short watch list. It was heavy, powerful and full of raw energy.

Their sophomore album “I am King” released in September 2014 carried that same energy, but, with a little twist. The band appears to be exploring beyond using formulaic conventions, hence, having more broad sounds in the album. It commences vigorously with the lead title track “I am King”, then takes an enchanted captivating turn with tracks such as “Dreams In Inertia” and Thinners of the Herd” and accompanies you with ferocious dynamic ferocity after and in between.

” I am King” is surely an impressive album of 2014 and will remain a relevant album pick throughout 2015, if you haven’t done so already.