The Woman in Black sequel generally did not receive positive review from nearly all critics, as far as I know. The ratings are mostly below average, and I suppose they’re not wrong either. Relatively, the movie did not provide any substantial development nor unraveling importance following the first. Well, maybe some progression, but it would have been better if the narrative was left without a sequel. I was better off not knowing such lavish back story of the woman because personally, that’s what makes the story eerie and creepy in addition to its cinematography.

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Despite the redundancy, I still find the sequel enjoyable. Note that I did not expect to be wowed or blown away in the first place.  I simply wanted to know how they continued from where they left off. Surprisingly, it was reasonably entertaining. Yes, some jump scare scenes didn’t work, it lacks proper narrative structure in place and its void of any innovation at all. But I didn’t mind, maybe it’s because I find Phoebe Fox – taking the main role – to be rather cute. Oh, how subjective of me, huh?

I'll watch your next movie.
I’ll watch your next movie.
That fvkin chair from the first movie
That fvkin chair from the first movie

I did appreciate that they explored the house further, although, just a tiny bit. And they also brought back that rocking chair that worked so well in the first movie, which led me wanting to see the first movie again.

Essentially, if you’re just looking to have fun and willing to spend a few bucks, go watch this movie with friends and enjoy it the best you can. But if you’re most likely gonna be a dick about it, save your money and energy.

I mean come on, first of all it was subtitled with “Angel of Death.” That’s creative (sarcasm). What did you really expect?