Dolls in general are creepy, but my recent discovery that you probably already know is just frightening. Hours ago, a long-lost New York friend Waty N. Escoto posted a Facebook status, “has anyone heard of reborn baby dolls?” that grabbed my curiosity.  The name itself sounded a bit off and odd that I just needed to find out more  because I really don’t know.

As expected, my findings are quite bizarre. Reborn baby dolls is, as Wikipedia defines it, “a manufactured vinyl doll transformed to resemble a human baby with as much realism possible.”

Lets stop there first.

First question popped  is naturally “why?” as my professional discipline immediately tries to build the connection between one: the product, and two: its target market.

looks too much
like a real-life fucking baby

The product – if I may describe in my own language style – is a lifelike doll that resembles exactly like a newborn baby, in which if seen by people other than the owner itself may mistakenly believe it is a real-life fucking baby but for some reason doesn’t blink or move, so therefore, can presumably think it’s a dead baby. So, the product is about something along that line.

Now, understanding the target market or the actual buyers themselves is actually the more complicated part, and this is where I may inappropriately sound more offensive.

"Don't worry, mommy will take care of you, because you don't poop or piss like that other baby in the next room"
“Don’t worry, mommy will take care of you, because you don’t poop or piss like that other baby I gave birth”
"I will eat you your nipples"
“I will eat your nipples”

Basically, however, the people who potentially buys this product are more or less individuals that appreciate figurine art and/or children’s toys, which to an extent enjoys collecting lifelike baby dolls that (I hope they comprehend) looks too much like a real-life fucking baby and most likely they display it somewhere around the house in an antique glass cabinet or – I hope not – in a cradle inside a nursery room where there is no real baby around, because, if there is, that baby is gonna be very confused. Long description, but that should probably nailed it.

So far, as I try to make sense of it all,  the description I made above are usually scene details of a horror/thriller movie where the killer antagonist has an exceptionally creepy hobby.

for customers whom may have went through a traumatic experience in the past

I’ve also thought that it may actually really is for children, but I’m not entirely sure what little girl would keep a lifelike baby like that. Regular dolls I understand but one wrong glance in the wrong light can scar that kid’s imagination for life.

"At night while you sleep, I sit quietly beside, staring you with my dead eyes"
“At night while you sleep, I sit quietly beside you and stare at you with my empty soulless eyes”

Nevertheless, I believe there is still a reasonable approach to understanding this in the most humanely tolerant way possible.

Lets say for example, it’s for customers whom may have went through a traumatic experience in the past or incapable of physically or mentally conceive children. Or perhaps, they can’t cope having a normal social life, in which having a really creepy-looking lifelike doll is the closest thing they have to human interaction. Those are all quite possible reasons, right?

Either way, the collection which you can see more in this website here or in this eBay list here are actually quite pricey ranging between 200 to 800 Dollars.

So if you ever consider on making a profitable business with your art skills or perhaps in need to pick up a new hobby, why not try this one? Because whoever is in this video below sure looks like she’s having some quality fun.