After deciding to pick up PC gaming again some time ago, my first thrill-crave was to get handsy with a decent multiplayer first person shooter (FPS). 8 years ago I was really into Battlefield 2, which kinda ruined a couple of college semesters.

Now there’s quite a few great multiplayer FPS out there – free ones too – but I’m not really impressed that so many are using pay to win (P2W) schemes. Out of the many, Insurgency best fits the type of gameplay I want with a relatively cheap price at about US $10 (Rp116,000)  It’s simple but so much realistic in many ways compared to other games.

This is the first recorded co-op session with a couple of my mates Pestario (Dimas) and The-Me-Is 3 (nox). Add my Steam ID enraged.martyr.