So we have entered another new year – hello 2017 – and I suppose this is the part where I start to commit to a new year’s resolution, one of which I often promise to do every year is to update my blog regularly. Sure. But then again, I have also made all sorts of promise many years before, such as exercising, eat healthy, maintain my insanity and be more ‘public friendly.’ So what will be so different about 2017?

Well, I have made quite a few major life changing decisions throughout 2016 although the greatest turning point did not happen until late half.

My own communications firm

Early 2016 I started my own communications firm, Occam, with my trusted colleagues Septa and Bayu. Crazy, right?  All my life I’ve never really had that career ambition that most my friends and former colleagues had. A job was just a “job” to stay alive because as the Wu-Tang Clan have said, cash rule everything around me (C.R.E.A.M). But I felt honored that my partners trusted me to join them as President Director and impressively we joined forces with Maverick – my former workplace where I learned everything about communications – as their sister company. Heavy responsibilities for an immature hippie like me, but unexpectedly, it has been a very exciting year and I’m looking forward to what’s next to come.

Healthy living

For years I’ve always been known as the guy that smokes and drinks too much, eat whatever I want, falls sick easily and in general just not a healthy person. As exciting it was to have my own little business, work stress was inevitable in addition to other unresolved personal matters.  After getting consultation on spiritual healing, it only made sense that I should also improve my physical health; hence, starting November 2016 I exercise regularly at a gym and at home,  picked up boxing and maintain a strict healthy diet: less junk food, less white rice and consume more water. The result? Not only do I feel healthier, but I also more confident with myself.

New hobby: exploring mountains

Other than playing video games, which I still do,  it has been a while since I had a real hobby. Years ago I played music but that died out as I grew older. Since August 2016, I discovered the thrill of mountain hiking or trekking or whatever it is you call exploring the mountains. It started with a simple invitation by Bayu, “you’re coming mountain hiking with me,” which I instantly agreed with “yeah sure, why not.” Since then, I’ve hiked 3 mountains so far, created our own little hiking community Kawan Trekking which the name I initiated and created the logo myself, then for 2017 we’ve already planned to tackle 4 great mountains across Indonesia. Do or die, as many say.

So what about regularly updating my blog?

Maybe. Let’s see how things will pan out. The lessons I learned from 2016 is that if I overly plan too much, usually it ends up not following through all. Instead, everything works out perfectly from instantaneous decisions.  So we’ll see if there will be new post updates from this little blog of mine.