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An Advice From Cartoonist Bill Watterson




Reborn Baby Dolls Are Just Too Creepy

Dolls in general are creepy, but my recent discovery that you probably already know is just frightening. Hours ago, a long-lost New York friend Waty N. Escoto posted a Facebook status, “has anyone heard of reborn baby dolls?” that grabbed my curiosity.  The name itself sounded a bit off and odd that I just needed to find out more  because I really don’t know. Continue reading “Reborn Baby Dolls Are Just Too Creepy”

Fox News Can’t Comprehend Why A Muslim Scholar Would Write About Jesus

Here’s a clip that’s been quite getting the attention in the internet; a footage of Fox News questioning historian Reza Aslan – who happens to be a muslim – about his latest book “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus Nazareth.” One would assume a professional anchor would rather discuss the context of the book, but however, Fox News decided to persistently question why a muslim would write about the history of Jesus, as if the historian has committed a major crime of hidden agendas.

New Era x Andy Warhol Cap Collection


New Era have partnered up with the Andy Warhol Foundation for a summer collection of both snapback and fitted caps. The collection features variations of Warhol’s psychedelic camouflage pattern inscribed with unique Andy Warhol quotes on the sweatband. Although I am not a big fan of bright colors or even Andy Warhol, but the collaboration is an impressive step by New Era as the trendsetter of caps and culture.

Color-Coded World Map of Penis Sizes

Well, South East Asian men are the most unlucky breed in the human race, but, we are still hoping this consensus is wrong. It must be. Ins spite of  this false jabba-jabba, it’s astonishing that someone took the time to create this map. So, from which region are you from?

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