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My True Story About “True Story”: Somewhat A Review

True story, bro. I feel asleep several times during watching Rupert Goold’s “True Story.” I really wanted to be good, hopefully close enough to 2005’s “Capote” – one of the best adaptation of the book “In Cold Blood.” Unfortunately there wasn’t much suspense, and to be honest, James Franco is just way overrated. Continue reading “My True Story About “True Story”: Somewhat A Review”


“White Bird In a Blizzard”, As Long As There’s Shailene

I admit, the only reason I watch  White Bird In a Blizzard is – of course – for Shailene Woodley, an up-and-coming young starlet that gain recognition for her breakthrough performance in The Spectacular Now (2013) and Divergent (2014).  She is truly a babe, and what’s even more scrumptious is that she’s not shy from nude or intimate scenes. In fact, you’ll find a number of those in this novel adaptation movie. Continue reading ““White Bird In a Blizzard”, As Long As There’s Shailene”

Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death. Oh, She’s Cute.

The Woman in Black sequel generally did not receive positive review from nearly all critics, as far as I know. The ratings are mostly below average, and I suppose they’re not wrong either. Continue reading “Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death. Oh, She’s Cute.”

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